Jan des Bouverie


Born the 3rd of August of 1932, the Dutchman Jan des Bouvries is an interior designer who shed light to many renowned products. He developed his own design conception at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the city where he started his professional career. With his original and avant-gardist ideas, the young Des Bouvrie made a strong impression in the world of design.

He developed his design conception by working for different manufacturers, notably Linteloo, Dutch Originals and Gelerland. The latter was the first to produce a model designed by Des Bouvrie in 1969. It was the Kubusbank sofa which today is known as a classic in design.

The Shell collection was specially created by Jan des Bouvries for FueraDentro, and it was the first time he ever created an outdoor furniture collection. (Long before, he had drawn out lamps, wallpaper, window decorations and indoor furniture).

In 1993, Des Bouvrie moved his workplace to Bussum Naarden-Vesting. With his associate, Monique, he transformed the famous “Het Arsenaal” building into an institute for interior design. This institute now holds an important role in the field of interior architecture and product development.

Des Bouvrie doesn’t only create furniture; his design mentality is that furniture brings true comfort. Throughout the years, the models designed by Jan des Bouvries were awarded numerous prizes and credit, notably the culture prize in 1974, the Style prize in 1990 and the furniture prize in 1999. Bouvrie is also an eminent lecturer in many academies. One design school was even entitled after him: Jan des Bouvrie Academy located in Deventer.




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