furchair relooker & modern fur carpet

How to freshen up an old sofa, poufs… and how to lighten up your floor…

If you have a an interior plan and you want to customize and modernize an old armchair, sofa, or poufs… without having to redo the whole, sheep skin is the perfect accessory to give off warmth and some touch of energy. Same goes for old and dull floors.

Fur and beast’s skin have made their big return this year in 2013. They are way unlike our grandmother’s old and unfashionable rugs, on the other hand the contemporary version of furs embody chicness.

It’s been decided ; we once more want and seek the soft, hairy and cosy …

For the confortable and Zen version we opt for the white version of sheep skin, but for a version that’s more rock like you can find a bunch of colours: orange, green, blue, red, purple… They are all irresistible.

For carpets made out of cow skin, everything depends on the colour of your floors and the effect your searching for. If you’re looking to warm up the atmosphere, opt for a version that belongs to the shades of brown or black otherwise to lighten up old parquet that has a dark colour, beige is ideal.


IMG_0057 vite-idee-deco-peau-bete-L-Tazb4_ IMG_2526 vite-idee-deco-peau-bete-L-mncRTq Image 3 Image



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