Atelier Sukha

The Sukha workshop is a concept store in Amsterdam.

Last fall Sukha launched his own label, Atelier Sukha.

The introduction of a varied and fashionable collection, accessories and interior objects.

Sukha means the ‘Joy of Living’ in Sanskrit, the language of Buddhist monks in India and Nepal.

Everything is made out of raw and natural materials such as wood, wool, linen, coton, and cashmere.

The two designers Irène Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy, went all the way to the poorest regions in India and Nepal where they conjunctively developed the range of products of the Atelier Sukha along with local communities. Their visits were an immediate success with numerous small enterprises of artisanal plaids, carpets, cushions, jerseys, blouses, gloves but also special items or punctual items such as lustres.

By remaining loyal and by constantly having orders at fair prices, the Sukha Atelier invested in local economies, contributing to the improvement of workers and their families’ lives.

SVP, stop by to flavour a cup of tea with Irène or Sam, they will seize the opportunity to tell you all about the Sukha Atelier and the numerous stories that lie behind each product.

Atelier Sukha – Amsterdam dans la Haarlemmerstraat 110.

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