HUTSPOT, Clever concept !

Three youngsters who had their own concept for a new experience of shops created Huspot Amsterdam in 2012. They started their adventure in a small space on Utrechsestraat, offering young creators a new platform with the possibility of exhibiting their products. Within 3 months they already had 40 brands! It was about time to open a bigger space, one in Woustraat, and since January 2014 a brand new space on Rozengracht which is already comprises of 70 brands, mostly Dutch brands but also Swedish, Scandinavian, French etc…

Hutspot truly is a mixture of ingredients, yet not culinary! But a mix of artist’s brands, known entrepreneurs or even anonymous individuals who present clothes, books, vintage furniture, accessories and decorative objects.

Hutspot is always looking for new brands, new talents, unique products where everyone has the chance of renting a ‘corner’ in exchange for some agreement or commission on objects.

On the ground floor, there is a huge café where clients can read, work for long hours. This place has rapidly become a convivial area where consumers of all ages and from all places can meet. Dinners and live concerts are also organized in this astonishing building.

Hutspot : Woustraat of 4 , 1073 LL Amsterdam  et Rozengracht 204-210 , 1016NL Amsterdam


images-3 IMG_0142 IMG_0148 IMG_0143 IMG_0157 IMG_0156 IMG_0155 IMG_0150 IMG_0145

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