Studio Job


Studio Job, created in 1998 was the result of an encounter that occurred during the debuting years of Eindhoven’s Design Academy, it was love at first sight… which was to last eternally.. as it has now lasted 14 years amongst Job Smeets and Nynje Tynagel.

These are mostly creations who’s editions are limited but that have had a big influence on Art, cooperating with the grandest museums, it can not go by unseen…

Job and Nynke work depending on their own sensibility and not depending on their clients, and as freely as possible, this liberty is also seen through their flexible range of materials, bronze, wood, paper, moreover this liberty remains during the manufacturing process.

Job with his goody boy appearance creates spectacular, nutty and out of the ordinary crafts. The couple finds inspiration from memories they have about their youth, as for instance the copy of their grand parents set of spoons.

As they like to say:

Our work is in between art and kitch, good and bad, black and white, beautiful and ugly, fiction and reality, function and non-function. We are always in between the two…

Their work which is original and barely academic attracts critiques, disturbs the protectors of functional design but intrigues and attracts the creative world and the grand public of decoration.

Their work requires a lot of energy and a lot of financial investment, take for example their bronze collection made for an exhibition in New York.

This risk-taking habits are costly as prestigious clients such as MOOOI, BISAZZA, SWAROVSKY, VOLVO and many others… demand their collaboration, however the couple always stays loyal to its principal of liberty.


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