Van Dijk & Ko, retro, vintage !

Van Dijk & Ko is the ideal place to find retro furniture, this 2500 m 2 warehouse is filled with cupboards, benches, wardrobes, beds, buffets, jugs, chests, chairs, Belgium desks, books and a large quantity of unattended objects, such as a whore on wheels and a large fan made out of glass! If you want to redo your kitchen’s floor, there you can find old construction material, such as beautiful floor tiles made out of cement and also garden furniture. Van Dijk & Ko offer second hand objects but also third and fourth hand objects, treasures that will decorate your house. Most of the furniture is imported from central European countries (Hungary, Romania, Poland) We get the impression that these goods come straight from Hungarian grandmother’s attics!!! We also loved the kitsch frames representing religious scenes or even this collection of big green pots made out of glass which will make superb vases!!

It is open every weekend and it’s a beautiful bike ride there after having taken the boat the central station.

Papaverweg 46 | 1032 KJ Amsterdam-Noord –

Openingstijden: dinsdag t/m zaterdag 10:00 – 18:00, zondag 12:00 – 18:00


Van Dijk en KoVan Dijk en Ko-1

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