“Pop up” still trendy concept !

ephemeral aspect



Still trendy “Pop ups”

The concept took place in the United States in the years 2000. His shops show an interest, partly due its ephemeral aspect as it awakens the consumer’s curiosity.

The process can be different for any shop:

The principal of creating a pop up store can associate two brands either complementary or different, with the intention of increasing the number of clients by grouping the usual clients of these two brands. For instance, the galleries Lafayette or Printemps often create pop ups in their shops; we can also include Collection (the concept store) and Channel which was looking to create an event during the prêt-à-porter week in Paris.

Celebrating a birthday : The brand is going to unbrand itself from its competitors by choosing this option which enables it to get closer to its clients and redefine its image.

Selling a seasonal product : the pop up store enables the brand to have a proper selling point on an emplacement that it would be not have been able to occupy on a yearly basis by selling only a few months per year.

Testing a district for potential opening of a permanent boutique: through the pop store the brand will be able to define if an implantation is sufficiently rentable and make its clients aware of its future debut.

Seizing an opportunity around a fact of actuality.

Disposing of stocks that remain without ruining its selling points.

Launching a product : directly suggest the new product to its clients. Limit the risks by testing the product before diffusing it in its distributor network.

Creating an event : generate a way of communication in the media, one that differs from the usual brand’s communication line, on a limited time span. One that is complementary to creating a buzz.

In Paris, the old Cremerie during the times of the Halles de Baltard is constantly used as welcome area for ephemeral shops. It is situated at 15 rue des Halles angle 11 rue des Déchargeurs in the first arrondissement in Paris.

In Amsterdam, you can find Pop up stores in the 9 streets « berenstraat24.nl », at kerkstraat 163, Haarlemmestraat and in many other places in the city…


rue-des-halles adopte-un-mec-boutique ugg-pop-up-store

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