Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas

We are going to make you discover Marteen Baas, a Dutch designer who collaborates with the trendiest publishers at the moment, such as but not limited to: Moooi, Droog etc… but who is he?

Marteen Baas was born the 19th of February 1978 in Arsnberg, Germany. At the age of 33, the designer emerged in the list of the young dutch creators known globally for their sense of diversion and creative will. The greatest publishing houses like to adapt his style for his creations which are mostly unique pieces. During his journey, he has worked with les champagnes Ruinart, built furniture for the Groninger Museum’s restaurant in the Netherlands and decorated Germercy’s Park Hotel in New York.

What propelled Marteen Baas?

Having graduated in 2002 from the prestigious Design Academy of Eindhoven, one of the most famous design schools in Europe, Marteen Baas quickly imposed his name on the design industry thanks to his “Smoke” collection: a series of chairs from grand designers that he burns and solidifies with resin.

Marteen Baas’ work

By suggesting lines of iconoclast and whimsical furniture, he likes to question the temporality of objects and then places his work between the borders  of design and performance.

Marteen Bass summed up in 3 dates:

2005: Foundation of his first workshop near Eindhoven in collaboration with Bas den Herder

2006: Exhibition of his collection of stock of synthetic and metal chairs “Clay Furniture” at the Milan Furniture Fair

2009: Exhibition of a series of furniture that steers away from the traditional typologies: “Chankley Bore”. An opportunity offered by the English publisher Established & Sons. Nowadays, the biggest brands talk only of him.


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    • nous sommes encore en Europe ! eh oui on en parle de cette Europe !!! mais bientôt d autres continents, a bientot en corse, nice ou amstedam…, envoie des designers ou marques brésiliennes.
      bisous . ch


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