Mirrors for outdoor, bluffing effect !

Tips and Trends…

You all know the solutions to optimise small spaces inside, notably with mirrors, for instance a cupboard with glassed doors or even a full wall length mirror on a wall instead of wallpaper etc… But when it comes to outside, we don’t always think about it and we liked the idea of placing a big built-in mirror on a wall, or even in a courtyard, a terrass or even a balcony which will create this bluffing effect of perceptual depth. You will love the reflection of the trees, plants or flowers that will have the effect of recreating a decorative tableau!! It’s very nice and easy to do.

Also, mirrors are very much in vogue, such as eccentric mirrors, convex mirrors, walls covered with mirrors of different sizes, bargained plates with mirrors inside the carved in space. Don’t hesitate!

Image 2


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