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Kewlox is the first furniture kit brand in history !

We found this light, coloured, adjustable and personalized furniture really amusing. Invented by an English engineer, the first Kewlox furniture saw the light in 1958. The Belgian merchant of metallurgic products discovered the concept during a salon in London and was immediately hooked. He obtained an exploitation license for the Benelux and started up his business in his familial house.

Kewlox furniture goes through an assembling process where items are fitted together without having to be screwed or nailed. These pieces of furniture are made on the base of a structure on which doors, walls, tablets and accessories such as draws, furniture feet, wheels etc.. are grafted. They are dismantled and re-assembled in two or three steps and with no risk of being damaged. With its robust structure, each element of the piece of furniture is easily replaceable as the factory keeps all ranges of objects that have ever existed in stock. Hence, there’s no need to replace the piece of furniture entirely if there’s something you don’t like anymore, you only have to change what’s necessary. Wardrobe, buffets, chest of drawers, dressing, cupboards, window displays, accessories… To bring elegant and solidity to its furniture, the brand also works with numerous materials such as solid wood, aluminium, glass and mirror. The company thereby does everything possible to reduce its ecological footprint and be able to offer non-polluting and non-toxic furniture.

Kewlox has an exclusive partnership with the creator of Piet Hein Eek furniture.

Overtoom 205
1054 HT Amsterdam

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