Hay, famous signature !



A little historical reminder for this pretty brand whose reputation has reached its peak and which fits perfectly in the Dutch landscape.

The Danish design society Hay, founded by Rolf Hay in 2002, displayed its first collection of furniture during the IMM salon of Cologne in 2003.

The founder’s objectives were to bring back to life the tasteful creations of the 1950’s and 1960’s by incorporating new and original ideas from young talented designers but also from the knowledge of already known artists and designers.

One can find flagship stores in Copenhagen, Oslo and Berlin. Since several months, the first concept ‘boutique’ opened up outside Scandinavia in the trendy district of the ‘9 Streets’ in Spuistraat, Amsterdam. This is the vibrant area of the “cafés bruns” where beer flows abundantly late in the afternoon in a jovial and lively atmosphere!!

A chic contemporary lesson for this elegant concept store which offers the full HAY collection, furniture, lighting, flexible materials (cushions, cloths, sheets) and house accessories. It also covers coffee, which offers an appetizing selection of homemade espressos as well as the traditional “Stroopwafel”. The clear wooden floor makes the space luminous, and its white walls put forward the use of the signature which subtly combines pastel and fluorescent tones.







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