Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek was born the 29th of April 1967 at Purmerend and is a Dutch designer (industrial design). He graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 1992 by presenting his project “a wooden box made with bits of scrap). Despite living in a world of large consumption, he has chosen simple materials with plain designs. Master of contemporary marquetry, Piet Hein Eek was one of the first to develop upcycling (the revalorisation of waste), at the beginning of the 1990’s using scrapwood. This is a technique, which collages wood scraps destined to go to the incinerator. For him, nothing is more beautiful than old pieces of wood rejected by nature or the industry. Others neglect these pieces of wood scraps and use them, on the other hand to make furniture with them. In contrast to the impeccable quality of mass production, he distinctly prefers the imperfections of these wood scraps as for him these imperfections are precisely what arouse desire and create a soul within an environment. His furniture, all unique pieces, are very expensive as their fabrication requires a lot of time and skill.

Eek’s fabric assembles furniture, lighting and accessories. Moreover, it is also involved in the design of buildings.

The Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam and the Groningue museum have dedicated him some expositions.

Ever since his workshop in Eindhoven, Eek has started providing his aesthetic services for Ruinart. The house was searching to modernise the use of wood for its champagne boxes. Therefore, the artist has redrawn them and created a disproportional sculpture that associates luxury and recovery.Piet Hein Eek also has a partnership with Kewlox (see our article)


piet_ein_eek_tablepiet_ein_eek_chaise images-3images-2imagesPiet-Hein-Eek-studio-Eindhoven_dezeen_03restaurant-piet-hein-eek-021113-01restaurant13-1images-1CoffretsPHE2 Cave_Ruinart_Rose_HD2


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