In 1986 Casey Godrie ‘future Bebob’ suggested working benevolently with the owner of a boutique in Breda with the intention of maintaining the quality of products from the 2oth century by doing exhibitions, selling, restoring leather and more… The outline of the this association layed there : Fondation Bebob, to later become Bebob conception.

Godrie is still keeping up his collection of objects, principally vintages furniture, and exposes them in simple window displays in Amsterdam ( with no concrete aims of selling). His key to purchase are to have new stocks along the week, then sales on fridays and saturdays will show the frutation of his strategie. After several years on the Singel, his reputation has grown through the different and strategic localisation of his store fronts. He then seized the opportunity of displaying his collection in a temporarily free space in Utrechtsestraat… he is literally invaded by fans… His neighbouring publisher “the Frozen Fountain” then suggested to grant him some space from his shop.

He then settled down in a house from the 60’s following the style of Le Corbusier of Keizergracht. At the end of 2011, he published a new website with an online shop. Additionally, he started working with a film director, and founded an association for unfortunate children in Asia.

His reputation has now reached its peak as he now owns re-editions and original works of some of the greatest designers: Le Corbusier, Eames, Charlotte Perriand, Panton, Marcel Breur, Prouve etc… “

A little plus”: all the hulls or bases of Charles Eames’ furniture are sold separately if you seek to change colour or foot shape!

Keizersgracht 467- 469 Amsterdam 020 6245763


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