Light Plika : a polish designer.

The Plika Light is made from a bunch of coloured fibres mounted in a white ceramic element, the form evokes Rasta dreadlocks. According to the folk tales, messy knot tangled up at the ceiling imprisons evil spirits.This lamp can be easily braided, knotted and tangled to achieve varying effects. Designed by Pani Jurek, a Bledow-based studio founded by artist and designer Magda Jurek. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and brings a conceptual approach to her work with the aim of creating products which are not conventional. She designs products which may be changed and rearranged according to your space , awakening your own creativity. Pani Jurek was founded by Magda Jurek


il_570xN.463296497_4hri il_570xN.389736682_qeps il_570xN.389727780_dzdn




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