Rodrigo Almeida, fantastic guy !

Rodrigo Almeida is a young Brazilian designer whose creation is intuitive. He’s Portuguese, Brazilian, Indian and afro-Brazilian… a mixed culture that he observes from the inside by probing objects from his environment and their intimate relationship with its multiple influences but with historical and esthetical references that make the Brazilian people who they are.

This Brazilian designer therefore understands the ecology in cultural terms: the language of his habitat is that of his mix. He thinks diversity in an object by associating aesthetics to usage and colour codes to those of rituals.

The pictures and sounds of São Paulo including the profusions of Niemeyer buildings from the city have a tendency to influence his work however his artistic habits were formed or developed during his childhood. Having grown up in a farm in the countryside in the north of Brazil, “it was another kind of life” he says. We didn’t have a shopping centre and therefore this job was completely normal.


th g_FG10almeida01 g_FG10almeida03 g_FG10almeida04 g_FG10almeida05 g_FG10almeida06



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