Tips on how to use geometry in decoration…..



Geometric shapes: from fashion to decoration

The geometric trend inspired by abstract art initiated by Mondrian, Kandinsky or Miro, is now a days found in the universe of decoration. The trend invites itself in your household for sparkling and original style. Squares, rounds, rhombuses, triangles or rectangles, the geometry implants itself on walls, grounds, textiles, furniture, decorative objects for your greatest pleasure.

Ferm Living’s geometric influence on decoration

Danish brand, Ferm Living brings joy and positivity in your household’s interior. Wall paper, daily objects, table decoration, textiles or furniture, this innovating and original brand elaborates a decoration whose geometric shapes are surprising and playful. In a stylish and graphical spirit, Ferm Living imposes triangular shapes on tables sets, cushions or carpets and adds circles on the textile. It brings to the daily usual a decorative vision that allies charm and modernity.


Still very trendy : The cemented tiles for walls and grounds that have webbed and concentric motifs, you will love EMERY & Cie, or SURFACE… Same goes for the Sonya Winner carpets which can create a crazy charm to an uncluttered decoration.

Tips on how to use geometry in decoration

Big sized geometric motifs serve to stimulate the interior as they give an impression of action and awakening. It’s a perfect, for a game room, a changing room, dining room or a kitchen however it is no ideal for a bedroom for instance. In general, spaces for relaxing such as bedrooms are not recommendable as the geometric motifs have as much stimuli outside !

However the geometric motif will be your friend when creating stylish effect and when erasing the faults of a room. The alignment of a motif changes the style and helps to conceal irregularities. On the other hand, a geometric motif on a wall that is not completely straight will increase the non-uniform effect of the latter.

To create the feeling of a high ceiling, a vertical motif is all that is needed. A horizontal motif will have the opposite effect. On a general basis.



































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