Les Volières, la Wow et la Dzoing “attitude” !


Collection Wow





Collection Volières


Collection Dzoing













Matthieu Challieres quit the universe of grand enterprises and launched his own platform in 1997 and then displayed at the Salon Maison&Objet. He saught inspiration in poetry with his collection « LES VOLIERES » but also in humour and pragmatism. His latest years: the “DZOING” , a multi-positional and transformist object representing a bird.. dirigible.. submarine or.. whatever you can dig from your imagination ! And the “WOW” which is really super ingenious as in addition to lighting it will serve you as storage space for light bulbs, 10 sockets, 2 of which are electrified, so which ones work? We truly loved this humour and fantasy filled universe which in addition is also filled with French manufacturing!



Collection Dzoing


Collection Dzoing


Collection Volière




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