Thomas Eyck, a daily passion !

IMG_43431385233_657873464244340_2042267661_nte_jongerius_460-Circle A
So happy to have met Thomas Eyck, he’s a great editor and really accessible. I like his demeanour, the choice of the designer whom he is going to work on a the product with(one or two per year) , the authenticity of the material and skills, its a job in which he invests all of his time and energy… He is driven by his passion, if the current does not match with that of the creator, it doesn’t work!

During the varnishing of the “Coloured Vases, Series 3” by Hella Jongerius, whilst sipping on a small glass of rosé, we were able to create this super collection together. His pots are to fall for! The several layers of paint, a fusion of 2 techniques: traditional and completely revolutionary that struck me because of how beautiful, poetic and unexpected the colours were… I am very proud and happy of this meeting with Thomas, who by the way speaks french very well! By the way, Thomas is preparing a new exposition soon, you will be updated by ArtMooi beforehand!!




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