So beautiful ! BROKIS

10325786_10152155967381818_8018373418870479881_n 10404165_10152374962431818_1382703481561738527_n10625081_501923783271526_3447359685793515534_n 1395815_369630516500854_1951155431_n1391960_730465400300544_32259950_n 1005851_355560071241232_1392381846_n

As light as balloons, these lights made out of glass are the product of remarkable artisanal work. Designers from around the world thought of the collections as ‘invisible’ volumes that are simple and timeless. We were really hooked by the originality of the models which look like transparent bubbles inside of which there are floating metallic reflectors… The blown glass craft is astonishing! Congratulations to the creators from the Brokis Czech society. We fell in love with these superb, refined and mischievous set ups !!!! Go see what they do… you’re going to love it !!!

safe_image.php 10408692_512933332170571_423107462204358871_n-1






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