Studio Lorier, we fall in love for these products !

IMG_2529 IMG_2528

Still at the Dutch Design Week, we fell for this beautiful collection of prototypes of furniture made out of beech wood and multiplex, besides the esthetical and contemporary part of the product, the super functional side of it is really well thought of. Boxes pile up depending on your needs and desires to create shelves, a library, a folding screen that can be used for separation, or even a box, maybe a seat! His lamps/tables can be dismantled and mantled just as easily. We like the small touch of pastel colour on this pretty light shade of wood. Additionally, Sander has spent some time in Asia where he acquired the sharp skills needed to make beautiful ceramics. Everything is hand made and conceived in his studio in Rotterdam since 2011, his town of predilection where he studied at Rotterdam university. Young talent to be followed…





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