Beautiful collections at Seletti

Well displayed at the latest Maison&Object Salon, the Seletti brand takes us away into an anti conformist and ludic universe whether it be lamps, china or other decorative objects. We always fall for this farfetched, unusual and fanciful aspect.

An absolute best seller, the Pantone collection apposes its famous chromatic edition on daily objects. The collection of dishes made out of Estetico quotidiano china diverges from the usually disposable crockery whilst on the other hand, the Hybrid plates and bowls, which we spotted at the very beginning of the Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, offer an incredible mixture of traditionalism and modernism. Basically, the only watchword: creativity! We love it !!

1c73e9ab-4a2b-43b1-8edc-e151e53b25d8-catalog_listseletti-07906-ambthe_midas_cutleryImage 7SELETTI-boites-1102118e8a4ce1-0855-4eda-87d5-7645e44ae195-catalog_list©©©



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