Parisien Event, “la rue jeune”

The journalists have published articles about a new project « La Rue Jeune » (the young road). Cedric Naudon, a millionaire has baught 36 buisnesses in the streets of Vaubois,Volta and Notre-Dame-de-Narzareh (Paris IIIe) in order to give life to the district. He wants to create a trendy and lively area with a true sense of neighbourhood life through food trade and quality restaurants…

We therefore decided during a trip to Paris to go on the look out, but honestly we were quite disappointed as 6months after its announcement, the project is far from being finished, there are indeed a few businesses but very few !!!! We nonetheless discovered the Paris-Beijing gallery where a Chinese artist presents a surprising installation (the sensation of a hole through the ground, see photo) and another Street art gallery called « Le chat » (‘the cat’) which is also in honour on the front of a brasserie but this isn’t part of the project. We didn’t give up however, and our search finally led to a small Korean restaurant « Ibaji » which is super trendy and already really appreciated by the people in the neighbourhood, we actually had to wait a bit to finally get a table. We weren’t disappointment at all by the multi-flavoured Korean me

It’s an audacious project that takes a lot of work, even though for the time being, not many businesses have seen the daylight !!! Apparantly the financial situation of the mysterious Cedric Naudon, whose announced fortune has always been glorified by a certain opacity, seems today like a very complicated one .(Information comes From Le Monde) 

As he was short of credit, held by the Public Bank of Investments who was supposed to give him about 10 millions euros, the business man chose to suddenly leave part of the team. Hence its a story to follow as the idea charmed us especially as each place calls upon big designers like Tom Dixon…




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