We love Loellmann !

We discovered Valentin Loellmann during his recent collection of organic themed furniture. This young German designer charms the world of design and art amateurs with creations that blend poetry and authenticity as what interests him mostly is transmitting an emotion or a feeling. In 2010, right after receiving his diploma from the Beaux-Arts Academy in Maastricht, he founded his own studio. Each piece of his is manufactured by hand, signed or numbered in his different series such as “Fall/Winter”, and the new collection called “Spring/Summer”, and the collection ms&mme which is build around the concept of family life, it’s a long term project to which ten new pieces have been added each year, expressing the narration of family life that unravels like a red string throughout his collection. Each new piece expresses memories about the past and a possible direction of the pieces that are yet to come. We liked his creation as they are on the merge of becoming art works and we hope to have the chance to meet him during our visit to the Milan salon…


























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