One of our favorites publishers at the show and obviously Dutch !

What a pleasure it was to talk with Thomas Eyck at the salon, which despite its notoriety still remains affordable and still just as passionate. It unveiled its latest novelties, notably the herbarium from the vegetable garden of the Marteen Kolk and Guus Kusters Studio. The unique pieces were put into value by being placed on a soft pedestal to ensure the graphic picture emerges and gives life to the subject. The frame is made of several layers, wood, cloth, glass and the whole is closed by wooden pins that give off a  very contemporary style. The second novelty are the plates made out of ceramics delicately painted by a Japanese designer. He also announced to us his upcoming appearances in future salons, so we will be delighted to see him in April at the Milan salon. This moment was immortalised by this picture but Christine was so moved that she preferred to close her eyes !!!

IMG_3304 IMG_3305IMG_3299IMG_3295IMG_3298IMG_3300



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