Change of style for wallpapers …

And yes indeed we’ve barely had the time to change decoration of our geometric, floral, Scandinavian styled wall paper strips.. Which nowadays, Little Greene, Rubelli, Oh my Wall, offer decorative panels produced horizontally in a range of colours with landscapes of London, Venice, Parisian roofs, the Thames bank..

At the Maison and Object salon, we discovered the Little Greene collection which included the historic panorama of London with the river Thames faithfully represented and which gives you an excuse to escape to a european capital for a little while …

vcThames1 thumbs_55760-RUBELLI-Venezia-Grancanal-Wall-wallcovering-bench-Toile-de-Venise-2014-5953.jpg.1064x0_q91_crop_sharpen-1024x804 Oh-My-Wall-papier-peint-Vue-de-Paris-Tour-Eiffel-Concorde-Montparnasse-Thomas-Lable-alias-Materz-Big-Panoramique-image_m Thames-Border-Latitude-2



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