The know you ???

Do you remember the famous Dutch designer Piet Hein week who’s specialised in scrapwood?! This time, in collaboration with the founder of NLXL LAB (wall paper), he designed a collection based on the master pieces made by the big masters of the Rijksmuseum’s art collection in Amsterdam, which are printed on small support tables that can also be used as tools or bedside tables. Apparently the reopening of this museum gave him these ideas, and gave us the pleasure of going back home with a kit under our arms! 8 models are available. You can find them in the “matter of materal”

furniture-impressive-plywood-print-stool-design-idea-with-full-color-printed-stoPlywood-print-stools-by-Piet-Hein-Eek-for-NLXL_dezeen_ban Plywood-print-stools-by-Piet-Hein-Eek-for-NLXL_dezeen_468_2


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