Carpets from “grand mère” or “tante Yvonne” ???

Tiles made out of cement have been back in fashion for a quite a while now, for the remaking of bathrooms, kitchens and more.. During a girly friendly outing in Paris, we fell for this new collection of carpets, tableware and placemats called “cement tiles” made out of vinyl, which are very easy to keep clean and give a true ancient look to your insides. Personally, I fell for one of the decorative carpets and some placemats for my kitchen. We saw the rugs in the “Autour du monde” boutique (Bensimon in the Marais) and the placemats were seen at FLEUX (still in the Marais), and in addition to souvenirs… there were loads at grandma’s and aunt Yvonne’s !!!

IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 Image 1


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