Bacsac, Tested and approved ! Bright spring ….

Simply amazing ! Really dumb but ingenious with a look that we like to the Dutch Touch. To add a personal touch to your terrace without it becoming old fashioned, use these bags, wooden crates and this thread system made out of leather that allows you to hang things in a nice way. We were charmed by their stand at the latest Maison&Object Salon.

What is it exactly ? It’s a tray. A tray of plants. A tray of flowers. It’s a bag. A flexible, light and resistant bag made out of 100% recyclable geotextile of course !! Where plants breath way better than in a plastic pots ! BACSAC is a an encounter that occurred in Paris between two inspired neighbours, Godefroy De Virieu, a designer passionate about nature, and two landscapers dedicated to the development of city nature, Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu, their mission is to respond to the needs of urban locals that wish to incorporate small areas of nature into town, Bacsac follows you everywhere : terraces, verandas, balconies, gardens…



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