Copper and bronze and more with the Dutch touch !

We met this young designer, Jolanda Van Goor at the Oode Galery in Amsterdam and at the Milan Salon. She was displaying her pieces in a very nice space, surely a shed or warehouse… with other young talents. A couple of words about Jolanda: she’s young warm girl, open and very talented, regarding her creations, she revealed to us her latest collection “Contorno” with lots of passion. They are small tables easy to fit in small spaces, the materials are superb, the contours are made out of sharp steel and the surface is made out of copper or bronze, an artisanal conception that’s functional and unique, everything that we love! She also created other wooden furniture embellished with wool or with tissue, chairs, libraries. Another one our favourite pieces of hers: her pretty lamps “lighten up” where she also uses copper. The whole is very Dutch Touch !

IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4141lightenup_1



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