Les napperons de tata Paulette…et non ! Lampes très design

Rive · Roshan – Bio Rive ·

Rive Roshan – Waywang Light Collection – www.riveroshan.comThey are a design duo that met whilst working in the studio of Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam. Ruben de la Rive is Dutch and Golnar Roshan is Australian. They set up their studio in Amsterdam in 2012 and moved to London to pursue other projects. Golnar was offered a job based in London with Dutch designer Tord Boontje. They are still very connected to Amsterdam and travel back and forth between the two cities. Their work aims to reinterpret human cultural heritage into new forms and is based on the belief that the adorned surface can be a carrier of culture in past, present and future. So to be a little less academic, their latest creation “Wayang lights” is inspired by Javanese puppet theater, or light and shadow play together. The combination of history and the modernity of materials (plexiglass) is a great success !

Rive Roshan – Waywang Light Collection – www.riveroshan.com

IMG_4339 Unknown-3 Unknown-2 Unknown


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