A surprising duo !

hans jaap

We are Hans & Jaap,

Hans Heetman and Jaap Patijn, we form the new designers duo HEETMAN | PATIJN. Since June 2012 we have been designing interior products which have their own personality and tend to humanize and humorize. Inspired by  : the moments in life in which you suddenly see the weirdness of things we’ve learned to perceive as normal. Like seeing a funny face in a wall socket or a giant rabbit in a cloudy sky. With us many things in our daily life can be that cloud. We found this amazing duo with their crazy creations, lamps with two legs, candlesticks inlaid in the wall … promising young designers.

Just for you, a little tutorial  !

SpotOn-all-31-1 IMG_4145 Elbow-big   http://heetmanpatijn.nl


4 thoughts on “A surprising duo !

    • Merci ! ce qu ils dont est très sympa !

      découverte faite a Milan. bis

      Venez découvrir notre Blog déco d’esprit “dutch touch” artymooi.com



  1. Super le bougeoir: cela rappelle, dans un style Dutch Touch, les “bougeoirs” en mains vivantes qui sortaient du mur, dans le film “la Belle et la Bête” (avec Jean Marais). Encore bravo pour la trouvaille.


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