A beautifully daring and farfetched collection, well done Roos !

Studio Kalff, Roos Kalff showed us their work at the design week in Milan but we’d already admired their work in various renown boutiques throughout Amsterdam such as Droog, the Frozen fountain…

She comes from an old Dutch family and has developed her inspirations from her parent’s house which has always been full of antiques and transformed throughout generations. She is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld academy and has created a tablecloth entitled “Table skin Embroidery” for the concept store Droog Design which collaborates with the Rijksmuseum here in Amsterdam. The pattern was inspired by a drawing dating back from the 15th century drawn by the artist Albrecht Durer whom was promoted and displayed in their collection Rijksstudio. It’s a style of table cloth made out of ancient lace however the material looks similar to the protective layer of tissue usually placed under table cloths. A swipe of sponge and that is all that is needed!!!

Her latest piece is a table that has a wooden plateau sealed to ceramic feet. The whole has a more or less baroque appearance as once again these are modern materials inspired by ancient models.

She has also had the opportunity of collecting enormous quantities of second hand glass that she uses to reinvent new forms and new functions. We were able to admire her collection of lights, candle holders and we love their farfetched aspect , its original but chic! Her work is handmade in her own workspace as she puts a lot of value to artisanal fabrications.

We couldn’t resist the temptation of leaving with candle holders, the only pieces that could actually fit in our suitcases but otherwise we would have come back with way more things !!! This is a small souvenir that has a lot of allure in our living rooms.

To order contact info@artymooi.com

studio%20kalff-1-5 PastedGraphic-1 Glass-Lamp5-medium candlelights1-color This-side-up glasses2 vases1 Table piece1 droplets-3jpgStudio-Kalff-Table-Lamp-(2-of-2)Studio-Kalff-Droplets(1of-3)Studio-Kalff-3-of-13tafel 31 mei (38 of 1)




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