Gallery Oode, dutch young designers

Whilst having a promenade through the canals of Amsterdam, we coincidentally found the superb and charming Oode gallery which has been open since 2014. As it’s name suggests, it really is an ode of art! And on top of that, we had the chance of meeting the pretty and warm director, Marleen. We conversed a lot, her concept is simple but innovative :

She displays beautiful and avant-gardist creations made by young Dutch designers that she chooses carefully so that she only has contemporary tableau/paintings or also entitled “orphans” as they have been forgotten and lost within the reserves of closed museums. Thereby, she gives them a second life in an environment filled with soul and passion.

We fell for several creations, notably Mae Engelgeer and its pretty plaid, Yolanda Van Goor and it’s leather furniture, bronze and wood and many many more that you will discover through photos. And in addition to that, we were lucky to meet most of the gallery’s artists at the design fair in Milan in the Dutch area called “tutto Bene”.

Bravo Maarlen and don’t stop amazing us !

home-juni-2 press4-1024x682 19G1-682x1024 Thanks-for-the-Planets-whitered-Arnout-Meijer-Studio-lowres 4-1024x682 press-311-1024x743

IMG_3977 IMG_3042 IMG_3040 IMG_4352


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