A powerful Dutch trio at Monoprix !

Monoprix is launching a new collection of design furniture at the end of October called “Dutch Design” created by 3 young Dutch talented individuals, Gerard De Hoop, Kranen/Gille and Daphna Laurens. They are reinterpreting a basic piece of house furniture : the stool. They are playing on form, texture and colour to give an edgy and fully original look to your daily life.

The models: the “handle” stool, easy to transport in a really flashy yellow! The “Bouton” stool made out of wood & industrial style, the “Boules” stool whose unique texture is 100% ash wood and the last one the “Diedre” stool made out of raw wood and whose feet are 100% either red or black metal. Honestly it is a very functional but also very designer like little work of art! And then of course ArtyMooi, the specialist in Dutch design approves 100% and you can buy these stools at Monoprix !!! At a very ‘small’ price but made by the ‘grand’ of Design !!

imageimage-1 image-2


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