Superlight by malaleche design

But what is it made of ? The first thing I did when I saw this furniture was to touch it !!! They are made out of polyethylene mousse and back plate made out of birch wood to create a contrast, ensuring a bright/dark effect.

Superlight is a collection of furniture from the designs of the malaleche brand based in Brussels. Founded in 2014 so it’s very recent ! Elisabeth Baeza, the head of the brand is constantly searching for balance between spaces and plays on the ambivalence of materials and their contrasts. What is interesting and innovating in this collection is that it breaks the traditional rules of fabrication in design. I can capture this furniture really well in a room that doesn’t have a delimited entrance , or to delimit a space thanks to it’s multiple drawers and coat hangers. We are curious to see the upcoming collections…

IMG_5842 IMG_5843 Image_Superlight_site2015


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