Van Tjalle en Jasper

Here is a very promising duo ! 2 young Dutch designers Tjalle and Jasper who prefer prompting trends rather than enduring them ! They are both qualified as industrial designers but Jasper has worked with wood specifically for a few years. Having been friends since a long time they together conceived a furniture collection in 2012 that is very promising, unique, warm and functional… To add the cherry on top, they create and produce themselves their collection in order to contain their urge for quality… We can only like their delicate collections, and above all the desire to touch the wood !!! Don’t you think? We hope to meet them during our next escapade to the Netherlands.

Prices for lamps 75€ to 95€, beat-shelf 445€ to 525€, but no information about prices for table and chair

fitting-foto-van-ons medium-img_4657_hdr medium-plank-essen medium-img_2575_6_7_8_9_fused original-img_9817


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