An original chair made with “Tom Dixon” style ! Clemens Maassen

Clemens Maassen follows the footsteps of pioneers in chairs made out of polished tubes (Mart Stam and Gerrit Rietveld) whom in the first half of the century did the same however with tubes made out of steel. In fact, museums have largely displayed these chairs. But the charm of this experimental furniture is that it is so simple that one can mount it individually. These armchairs pay homage to its inventers and calls on the “do it yourself” principal. In the end we didn’t invent anything !

Clemens Maassen works with copper exclusively composed of straight tubes with standard sowings. The tissue or the leather of the seating are made by Mattanja Coehoorn. He has also used cow skins. Parallel to this, he has also elaborated objects made out of leather such as lamps, or candleholders that have a “plumbing” style.

We like his modernity and his functional yet very designer style.

Price around 895€




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