Stacked, nice recycling glass…

Surprised by this very peculiar place at the Dutch design week in Eindhoven, it is here that one finds the workspace of Sander Wassing and Ma’ayan Pesach. They have created a very beautiful collection of scrap pieces of transparent glass stacked on top of one another. Each suspension is unique and hand made, the pieces are stuck together with a resin that is mixed with a colour pigment thereby procuring a green light with a tint of blue… Their demeanour is very trendy, no need to manufacture or create new materials, they re-use important debris that stem from our consuming society. This state of mind allows to spend more time and invest more on the process of conception.

We really liked this concept and the result is nice. These lights are sold at Piet Hein Eek, at the Droop Studio in Amsterdam and Milan. et

Price approximated between 300 and 600 euros.







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