A hymn for lighting, from Susanne de Graef

The work of Susanne de Graef, graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy is inspired by an everlasting poetic universe, but the translation of her research becomes very technical in the end. Here is her message :

A true poetry that describes well her work:

The rhythm of light…

A day begins,

The sun rises and commences its daily rhythm

This is an endless story with

A beginning and an end,

It’s repeats itself every day/

The light that we use in our houses are very static,

But light is not static, it moves, it lives.

“I conceived a lamp with it’s own rhythm.

The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by

Moving the lamp upwards and downwards

The layers mix

The light diffuses with its colors and movements”


Prix : 1 950 euros.



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