Smart creation for a Smart girl : Roos Soetekouw

Still at the Eindhoven Design Week, our eyes were drawn by Roos Soetekouw, this young and pretty textile designer. After her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute she was found and selected to decorate the bedrooms of the very fashionable hotel The Exchange in Amsterdam.

Her materials are a combination of audacious colours and different materials; she mixes cotton, wool, linen, mohair and even a few strings of rubber or polyester. The end result is superb, original, elegant and transports you in her dreamlike and poetic universe Roos suggest amongst other things, plaids, cushions, decorative panels… I adore her plaid “Fun Green”, very natural with its coppery accents! Young sparkling designer just like her collection, to follow closely…

Prices range between 128 euros and 1095 euros.

images IMG_6361 IMG_6363Roos+Soetekouw+Fringe+textiles images-1images-2full32503409 Unknown-3


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