Flying vases from Lotte Douwes

2011 graduate from the Eindhoven Academy, Lotte created her own studio the same year. She likes integrating a too often forgotten element within the environment of rooms! Indeed, ceilings are at Lotte’s honor as she uses them to create emphasis on a sensation of space and bring a dynamic element in very static interiors.

Her “spatial vase” is a good example. Very simple to hang thanks to a rope and sheave (which with is delivered with it) you literally involve the ceiling in the room.

Beautiful project Lotte ! Refined, elegant with a poetic touch!

We also liked discovering her end of studies project “Lamp&Socket”, the idea is original and practical to find to carry by hand, on top of a desk, a bar… The duo of a lamp and electrical socket to easily charge cellphones, computers… Which takes nothing away from the pragmatic aspect of the object, the porcelain brings an elegant and refined aspect to it.

prices : 180 euros  for Lamp&Socket. 198 euros for Spacial vase.


IMG_6412 IMG_6414 IMG_6416 IMG_6418



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