At the frontier of Art ! Niek van der Heijden

Niek van der Heijden a young Dutch designer and graduate from the famous Eindhoven Design Academy. We first discovered his work at the The Frozen Fountain boutique in Amsterdam and then met him at the Design Week in Eindhoven. His work is experimental, he does not develop his objects in mass production and even less just for the sake of aesthetics ! Before starting the fabrication process Niek has no precise idea of what the shape of his final object is going to be like but his instinct, his spontaneity and his creativity are golden rules. His work always incorporates a balance between art and design. He often uses pieces that are the extreme opposites such as his wardrobe bench, he assembled a drinking fountain destined for cattle and an ancient safe that was about to be sold to a gallery owner… The results are impressive, it changes from everything one can expect to find from numerous boutiques, Bravo Niek for your creativity… you know how to transform scrap iron into art objects.


IMG_2642 IMG_7149


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