Cement tiles from Grand Mother! still trendy…..

Indeed, here are cement tiles in all their possible states! This years big trend… ancient styled tiles but re-edited in a more modern way in flashy colors (Mosaïc del Sur, Emery & Cie etc…) Floor tiles of course for kitchens, bathrooms, entrances. They come in different materials, wall paper for vintage looks but also in the latest novelty: vinyl, or in the form of adhesive slabs that can also turn out nicely, 18 euros per m2, available at Sain Maclou or Gerflor in 4m rolls for 11 euros or at Tarkett for 12euros per m2. Don’t forget the carpets from Berja Flor, different sizes and colours, for a light decorative touch… you can find them in numerous boutiques, Fleux, Autour du Monde Bensimon etc…

Not always so easy to find an outdoor carpet, so here is an idea for your terrace, cut a piece of Vynil roll and you end up with a cheap nice carpet.vinyles-imitation-carreaux-de-ciment_5377511vinyle-imitation-carreaux-de-ciment-vintage_5377507images-4images-5images-1fcf781d9645130ebd7f2b02777b5b3c9marrakech-r11721-4d70ede8b06b20e52974b9189fd5e9321



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