Bas Vellekoop, nice Talent !

Still at the Dutch Design Week, Bas Vellekoop amazed us with his project of abstemious and elegant tables that aspire conviviality. The construction and the mounting is visible in every single technical detail and it is a determining element in their conceptions’ aesthetics.

Bas is still looking for local artisans, highly qualified for whom materials have no secrets… therefore they go beyond their limits, a true challenge! You can order it as custom made and thereby have the choice of material, marble, wood, glass .. and size.

Other displayed products, a sculpture that is in fact a lamp made out of carrare marble and beautiful technical prowess as the marble has been polished very finely on the edges letting light filter through as means of creating a colourful and cosy atmosphere. Everything is superb, Bravo Bas.  images-15 Unknown-7 Unknown-6 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (4)_0 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (3)_0 Unknown-3


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