Visser en Meijwaard, Happy colorfull !

Visser en Meijwaard is the design label that was founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in 2013.  This designer duo creates products with polyvalent materials, accessories, and indoor items, the sobriety and simplicity of the forms constitute the essence of their creation.

Inspired by the polyvalence of the industrial PVC textiles, Visser en Meijwaard developed the “TrueColors” collection which is composed of a series of bags, cupboards and stools with cushions that can alternated made out of strong industrial textile. For this collection Visser and Meijwaard were inspired by the functional products that existed in their youth: their cabinet is inspired by the piling of camping storage tools, whereas the stools were inspired by sporty elements found in gyms such as a pommel horse. Truecolors is a collection of contemporary design in which color is a key element. Indeed, the coloring is indefinitely malleable, from black to electric blue, to yellow and vivid orange… Superb!

prix :à partir de 315 euros at Gallerie Oode or ask ArtyMooi

IMG_4214 IMG_8239IMG_6672



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