Alexander Pelican, Great designer.

Alexander Pelikan is a German designer, graduate from the Eindhoven academy and founder of PeliDesign, an international design studio that focuses on the creation of remarkable innovating products with a particular emphasis on details and functionality. Alexander Pelikan graduated from the Eindhoven Academy in 2006.
Alexander is often on “the roads” throughout cities and nature. He says thankfully :

“I got rid of my television 10 years ago so I have the time to read tons of articles, observe and learn during my trips. On my way back home in my workshop in Eindhoven, all the information and emotion captured crystallise themselves. I then delve in the technique and I identify each step of the creation with my head and hands”.

I discovered his pieces in my small favourite gallery in Amsterdam, the Oode Gallery, a very beautiful table made out of beautiful materials, same goes for the wooden stools but more with a personal and original touch. Marleen from the gallery always has the good eye to catch big talents!

Prices : the table 2450€, ask prices for others items.



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