Studio Vandersheer, a smart textile Designer…

Discovered at the Milan Salon, we immediately fell for the creations of Studiovanderscheer
“After having graduated from the Eindhoven Academy, I worked as an independent industrial textile designer and developed my expertise in colour”.

“The challenge in my creations reside in the use of traditional materials and the innovating ways in which they are applied. I am always looking to further the limits of what is possible. By observing colour, I understood that this was my path, my second nature… but the starting point has always always been the thread.” Her line is varied, carpets, poufs, kitchen linen, textiles for sofas, plaids etc.. most of the textiles made by Liset van De Scheer are made at the Tilburg Museum of textile, made in Holland !!



Kocowisch and the elegance of light…

Beautiful discovery made in the Dutch designer section at the Milan fair, Kocowisch is a Dutch design studio, based in Utrecht. He looks to explore, develop and maintain unique timeless high end products of great quality. Their first collection “Kocohedron” is a piece of mathematical beauty. Elaborated with 5 geometric shapes, she comes in 3 sizes and various colours, gold, copper, chrome or painted. The collection is hand made and manufactured in the Netherlands. We loved the diffused warm lighting and the sober and very contemporary shapes. Another advantage is that these lamps may be hung using pretty coloured strings or they can be placed on the floor…

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Suitedsuits, totally in love…

Finally some stylish light switches…
It may seem completely simple and stupid… the catch plugs, they are like door handles, they are always ugly and old fashioned…! But not with Suit’d suite! It is a Dutch manufacturing and conception company (a team of four people). The manufacturing process is simple but the genius idea was to give an attractive and super decorative look! The architects adore them, but so do the odds one out that are looking for the final touch! These products are of course standard and adaptable in every country, they are made in ceramics, or in wood and truly are pieces of arts, representations of “Blue Delft” by Rembrandt’s collections from the Rijksmuseum etc… and all is painted by hand by local Dutch artisan artists… Indeed I am totally in love with this Dutch design, but frankly I adore them! They are beautiful, not expensive! These youngsters are going to be a hit… Trust me! (from 45 euros…)



We were intrigued by these floating neon blue lights in Eindhoven during the Design Week, but far away from our target, we still remained! The works by Pieke Bergman are mostly aimed on collections and museums but they also collaborate with certain companies that share the same concept: “Rosenthal”, “Like Boys” and “Vitra”. We couldn’t refrain from presenting PHENOMENON, a series of neon blue in different unexpected sizes and shapes that lay the question: “Why does neon always comme in the standard shape of tubes ?”

Bergmans is currently displaing her works at the Stedelijk Museum, “DREAM OUT LOUD”, from the 25th of August until the first of January 2017 and upcomingly in Belgium at Hornu.
It definitely is worth checking out !

phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-22-900x600 phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-20-900x600phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-42-901x600 phenomeneon-pieke-bergmans-2015-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-426x600


“Plantation”…second life…

Abandoned glasses underneath bus shelters, next to public benches or in front of bars… this is what the creator Alicia Patanowska chasses whilst strolling through London between 4 and 6 o’clock when the city is still asleep. After returning back home, she manufactures supports made out of ceramics, each glass sized, she then pierces a whole in the middle of the ceramic to allow the roots of the plant to reach the water. This creation enables one to observe the evolution of the plant, to give a second life to these glasses. On top of that, it is a very pretty collection, that is very fresh, minimalist and very decorative .


Alexander Pelican, Great designer.

Alexander Pelikan is a German designer, graduate from the Eindhoven academy and founder of PeliDesign, an international design studio that focuses on the creation of remarkable innovating products with a particular emphasis on details and functionality. Alexander Pelikan graduated from the Eindhoven Academy in 2006.
Alexander is often on “the roads” throughout cities and nature. He says thankfully :

“I got rid of my television 10 years ago so I have the time to read tons of articles, observe and learn during my trips. On my way back home in my workshop in Eindhoven, all the information and emotion captured crystallise themselves. I then delve in the technique and I identify each step of the creation with my head and hands”.

I discovered his pieces in my small favourite gallery in Amsterdam, the Oode Gallery, a very beautiful table made out of beautiful materials, same goes for the wooden stools but more with a personal and original touch. Marleen from the gallery always has the good eye to catch big talents!

Prices : the table 2450€, ask prices for others items.


Finally a children’s collection that delights parents, Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders revolutionises the homes our dear small blond headed ones !!! A coloured line, playful but still very sophisticated, thought to marry perfectly with parents’ lifestyles. We adore it! And you? Go check out his new collection “Parents”.

IMG_8902 IMG_8901 IMG_8899 IMG_8898 IMG_8897 mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_02_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_03_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_05_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_01_zoom_in_dv

Bloom Ink, material more than nature …

Material more than nature!
The principle of manufacturing is amazing, the result is astounding and very very… natural! The collection is made out of vegetables, flowers in their natural forms, freshly pressed and then numerically printed, an example: a typically Dutch motif, tulips… but also a ton of other plants. A rainbow of coulours and flowers! Bo Reudler the creator displayed his collection at the latest Design Salon in Milan, a veryh fresh, elegant and poetic realisation.


A very aerial cabinet !

Jelmer Wind, young student who has just graduated from the Eindhoven academy presented to us his end of year project, which caught our whole attention. This cabinet is made out of bamboo; its transparent structure unveils a perfectionist and very elaborated work, notably on the hinges. He expresses elegance and a unique design, we can picture this furniture in an entrance or in a bedroom very well. At the moment, there is only one prototype but I wouldn’t be surprised if an editor thought his idea is genius !

Business to be followed .

IMG_6439 IMG_6442 IMG_6443

Hella Jongerius, Nice lady, Nice talent.

And yes indeed another designer that graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy! She makes her first steps at Amsterdam’s Studio Droog, quickly seduced by the creation of a bath rug and a subtle vase made out of a new material : polyurethane, Droog thereby launches her collection world wide, thanks to Droog for propelling me to the summits of the 90’s/2000 trends!

She then decides to launch her own studio: Jongeriuslab, the fusion between artisanal and industrial design. Artisanal is a recurrent theme in her work, she integrates it in an industrial process of “high and low” technology, step by step her work becomes less sober, she focuses more on materials, decoration, colours, she constantly oscillates between modernity and tradition. She was quickly spotted by big clients such as Maharam, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, IKEA and KLM. The Dutch creator conceived unique creations such as the Polder Sofa and the Woker Chair for Vitra. Her pieces have been displayed at institutions such as the Design Museum (London), the Kreo Gallery (Paris) and the Moss Gallery (New York). www.jongeriuslab.comUnknown