We were intrigued by these floating neon blue lights in Eindhoven during the Design Week, but far away from our target, we still remained! The works by Pieke Bergman are mostly aimed on collections and museums but they also collaborate with certain companies that share the same concept: “Rosenthal”, “Like Boys” and “Vitra”. We couldn’t refrain from presenting PHENOMENON, a series of neon blue in different unexpected sizes and shapes that lay the question: “Why does neon always comme in the standard shape of tubes ?”

Bergmans is currently displaing her works at the Stedelijk Museum, “DREAM OUT LOUD”, from the 25th of August until the first of January 2017 and upcomingly in Belgium at Hornu.
It definitely is worth checking out !

phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-22-900x600 phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-20-900x600phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-42-901x600 phenomeneon-pieke-bergmans-2015-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-426x600



Finally a children’s collection that delights parents, Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders revolutionises the homes our dear small blond headed ones !!! A coloured line, playful but still very sophisticated, thought to marry perfectly with parents’ lifestyles. We adore it! And you? Go check out his new collection “Parents”.

IMG_8902 IMG_8901 IMG_8899 IMG_8898 IMG_8897 mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_02_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_03_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_05_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_01_zoom_in_dv

Hurray, back for a new start !


Once again, Artymooi is going to be fetching the most talented designers, innovative atmospheres, unforgettable spots, torrid artsy and dutch boutiques…

The delicious Artymooi duo opens up for you the most trendy horizons of the Dutch WORLD
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A very aerial cabinet !

Jelmer Wind, young student who has just graduated from the Eindhoven academy presented to us his end of year project, which caught our whole attention. This cabinet is made out of bamboo; its transparent structure unveils a perfectionist and very elaborated work, notably on the hinges. He expresses elegance and a unique design, we can picture this furniture in an entrance or in a bedroom very well. At the moment, there is only one prototype but I wouldn’t be surprised if an editor thought his idea is genius !

Business to be followed .

IMG_6439 IMG_6442 IMG_6443

Art Appel Center, too unknown to the general public..

This center is so under known and fascinating ! De Appel knows and shows “the good art”. Nowadays it is an institute that plays a key role in the Netherlands. On an international scale, it is an eye-catcher that is used as referenced to determine the pertinent trends in visual arts. The displayed performances in the years 1975 now belong to the history of Modern art. I admit that the expositions can seem “boring” and qualified as too “experimental” for a large public… Whilst coming out of the museum, I understood that these presentations are essential for lovers of Modern Art, so go and see…. Oh and I forgot for non fans, I tested the small underground fridge, it was really good with a menu of fresh and local products ! Open during evenings as well!

De Appel Art Center in Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 142
1011 AT Amsterdam


Bookcase or painting ??

We have already told you about Chris Rush, bargainer, handyman, formed in Amsterdam as a cabinetmaker. Today we present to you his latest creation discovered at the design week in Eindhoven, his tailored bookcase, just as different and unique each time ! A home made work where we appreciate his geometric curves that were thought of and adjusted like a frame, it’s multiples elegant corners, cleavages… All in finesse and elegance.. Bravo Chris👌😄, only a few can attain such a refined result…

IMG_6321 IMG_6323 IMG_6327

Happy New Year 2016 with ArtyMooï

ArtyMooï wish you a sublime 2016. Let’s celebrate together the beautiful, the Good and the True.


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