We love these Spanish lights, a real Dutch style !!!

De la Espada is multi-cultural, it was founded in 1993 by Lui De Oliveira and Fatima. Originating respectively from Porto and Madrid and educated in London, the founders opened the first shop in 1996. The factory is in Portugal but the firm evolved under certain influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, John Pawson and Alvaro Siza, and by Scandinavian design from the 1950’s. For us, we fell in love with the lights and the furniture made out of solid oak and refined outlines.


ask for prices.

Single_Octopus_blue_300x200 Lattice_Blue2web_300x200 Flying_Spider_by_Autoban_300x200

IMG_3252 IMG_3253




We discovered the Dutch brand RESCUED at the Salon Maison&objet. The owner, a charming Dutch man told us about his past with passion. Abandoned but too beautiful to be thrown away ! These objects are transformed and diverted towards new utilities. We fell in love with some lamps that are in fact simple bowls made out of glass but the idea to transform them into lights is genius! These objects made out of recycles materials are made with respect out of their origins. Save and metamorphosed, in search of new lives… The final result is often surprising, original and a Beautiful History !



How about we talk about wallpaper !

Still in actuality for the start of the season, it’s creative, audacious but still with good taste. Here is a small collection just for you because you are worth it ! There is enough to cater for all styles: vintage, retro, chic, graphic … My favourite is the one with the pineapples, so cool right ?! But I have to admit I don’t know if I would dare to put it in my house, and you ? Which one do you prefer ?

Mues exotique Tutti Frutti

Elitis glass mademoiselle

Cole&Son Geometric-II

Pierre Frey – street art

NLXL addition by Paola Navone


Cole&Son Nuvule

Run to Fest in Amsterdam … Scandinavian influence and Dutch !

FEST Amsterdam saw the light after a trip to Asia, after having gone through numerous shop windows of factories and fairs. The accessories for the FEST house were born in 2012 and have become famous ever since! The collection “total scandinavian & Dutch style” comprises of vases, cushions, lamps, candleholders, stools and bedside tables. All items are carefully chosen and made out of natural materials, furthermore the collection is colourful, and ludic with Scandinavian influences. Real crush for this fresh boutique !

We went and here are a few live photos !!!


fest amsterdam

fest amsterdam

FEST Amsterdam
Roelof Hartstraat 74
1071 VM Amsterdam

La Chance, bien vu ! wood, copper … all that we love!

The editorial house “Chance” was present at the Salon and has associated itself with ten other international designers, some of them are from Northern Europe and caught our attention such as our dutch spirit inspired Dutch Touch ! Suzanne de Graef who’s based in Holland, as well as the Swedish collective, Note Design Studio for its pure Swedish sketches, Bashko Tryberk, a polish designer who created a pretty library in a simple, ludic and colourful design. The creations are made out of noble, natural and long lasting materials such as wood and metal with a touch of coper which is very trendy! Marble, blown glass etc… A definite luxury but without ostentation! As a fun fact, we had discovered a few of his products randomly at a corner of a street in Paris in a pop up just before christmas and we were already charmed. Bonne “chance” to them…

IMG_2195Image 5Image 8IMG_3348IMG_3349IMG_3350


Eno studio, you probably know ?!


Eno Studio ( New Object Editor) is a french editor of daily, beautiful and useful objects signed by one of the most talented designers today, from the Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain… We liked their collection which is pertinent, poetic and very practical. Some of their products are known but we love them just as much, such as their transparent suspensions  called “Favourite Things” in which you can place your objects inside, or even so, the swedish lights in the shapes of wide brimmed hats. There is also furniture, pretty mirrors and ludic and decorative coat hangers. We wanted to buy everything !!



IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3345 IMG_3346IMG_2142 IMG_2145



Polit : means “Beautiful” in the Occitane language, and it’s true !

“Polit” means beautiful in the occitane language and it’s true! We made a nice discovery at the Maison&Object Salon with a young editorial house of contemporary furniture, launched in 2013. Cyril de Moulins, graduate from the school of Camendo, convinced us with his chest of drawers called “club sandwich”, inspired by Scandinavian productions from the 50’s. On top of being beautiful, the pivoting box inside of it makes it practical. We also liked the idea of being able to add a personal touch by changing the colours of the straps.

The “times 4” coffee table is also really nice and holds the idea of changing the universe and mood by turning the tray and by choosing the colour of the moment!
Another small  completing furniture is “la ruche” (the hive) where you can slide in your books or small objects..!! And the whole is made out of recyclable material and french manufacturing, hurray!!! To be closely followed… Cyril.






Nomess No-mess !

No Mess is a young Danish company specialised in organisation. Do you want to make your daily life more easy? We have the solution! We offer you a range of practical organisers that are at the same time nice and decorative. Tables, dressing tables, coat hangers made out of a pretty light wood but also organising boxes that are very stylish and made out of plexiglas.


IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3364

Last trends from “La petite friture”, a treat !

This editor’s stand is still a pure pleasure to discover in a colourful and very trendy atmosphere. We discovered the latest trends with these mirrors that have been inspired by African masks, followed by these tables that come with or without geometrical shapes that are on trays but that still have an orange-red frame that can change into indoor or outdoor version. We still love his transparent and colorful hatstands just as much as we did before, just like we love the rounded sofas and the Vertigo lights that delicately decorate our ceilings… In short it really is eye candy!

IMG_3370 IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3369



Beautiful collections at Seletti

Well displayed at the latest Maison&Object Salon, the Seletti brand takes us away into an anti conformist and ludic universe whether it be lamps, china or other decorative objects. We always fall for this farfetched, unusual and fanciful aspect.

An absolute best seller, the Pantone collection apposes its famous chromatic edition on daily objects. The collection of dishes made out of Estetico quotidiano china diverges from the usually disposable crockery whilst on the other hand, the Hybrid plates and bowls, which we spotted at the very beginning of the Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, offer an incredible mixture of traditionalism and modernism. Basically, the only watchword: creativity! We love it !!

1c73e9ab-4a2b-43b1-8edc-e151e53b25d8-catalog_listseletti-07906-ambthe_midas_cutleryImage 7SELETTI-boites-1102118e8a4ce1-0855-4eda-87d5-7645e44ae195-catalog_list©www.levetchristophe.fr©www.levetchristophe.fr©www.levetchristophe.fr