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Roos, art professor and graduate in architectural design from the Rietveld Academy has created her own atelier “Studio Kalff” in Amsterdam. She was able to find her style : a touch of modern Dutch  and baroque design.

Each object is artisanal, hand made, unique and therefore different in shape and color, resulting in a range of authentic and very artistic products. Each item can be personalized according to the client’s demands with Roos’ s inspiration : Lamps, suspensions, chandeliers, cups, table glasses, table centers, vases…

The side up glasses  (pair) – Price : set (two identical glasses) 66 

This-side-up glasses1This-side-up glasses2

Candlelights – Price 120€


Candelelights white 120€/one


Candelights white/bruin/green/pink… 120€/one


Candelights white/blue 120€/one



















Droplets – Height ± 40cm – Price 460€

droplet blue:white

Droplet blue/white 460€

droplets purple: yellow

Droplets purple/yellow 460€


Droplets pink/white 460€/one









droplet blue:green

Droplets Blue/green 460€











Table pieces – Height ± 25-30cm – Price 390€

Table piece2 green:blue

Table piece green/blue 390€

Table piece1

Table piece white/pink 390€









Table piece1 blue:green

Table piece blue/green 390€


Table pieces white/green/pink … 390€/one









Vases – Height ± 40-45 cm – Price 390€/l’un


Vases white/blue 390€/one


Vases white/pink/yellow/orange… 390€/one





Glass Lamps 3 sizes :  Extra Small (height ± 35cm)Price 750€

Small (height ± 50cm) Price 850€  – Medium  (height ±65cm) Price 995€


Glass lamp white/pink extra small 750€


Glass lamp green small 850€











Lamp green/blue small 850€


lamp white/red medium 995€











Glass lamp purple/blue medium 995€


Glass lamp mauve/blue medium 995€



Glass lamp blue/blanc medium 995€


Glass lamp blue/white medium 995€


















NB : As each object is unique, the pictures above do not represent the vast possibilities of creation by the artist. Please, contact us

Using the form below and we will send you pictures of all the creations available in stock.

If you are interested in a new creation to fit your own liking , please specify the desired dominant color, shape or theme. Ross will  customize a creation according to your briefing with her own interpretation. 

The price above do not include transport. Feel free to contact us to get an estimate.

IMG_6912 IMG_6913